Why I put out the TB Joshua bribery audio

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The last 72 hours were probably the most intense in my life. The love, kind words and support I’ve received in that period from, mostly, total strangers have been overwhelming. I want to thank everybody who saw the good in what I did. Though, to be honest, I think it was a little stupid. What was I thinking putting my life and probably my career on the line in an attempt to change something so entrenched it seems unchangeable?  But really I’m not fazed by the trash talk from those allergic to the truth.

It’s a long time coming and someone has to put the Big Ben on the fat cat, I guess.

During the same period I’ve also been insulted like never before. I’ve been called the most uncomplimentary names and all the curses in Deuteronomy hurled towards me. They should be ashamed that the brushed ego of their spiritual Godfather meant more to them than the over 90 lives that perished under the rubble.

I can deal with the trash talk and name-calling. But I’m also not naïve. I’ve made plans to evacuate my family to safety at the shortest notice in case things escalate. I hope they don’t. But one can never be so sure with these fundamentalists.

They said I’m an attention freak; that I published the audio clip because I yearned to be a social media celebrity (whatever that means). Well, I won’t lie; I enjoyed the 15 minutes of fame. I loved the thrill of being in the eye of the storm. In case my accusers are reading this, I got over 2,000 followers on twitter within the period. I don’t know what to make of that yet. I’m not so sure about this Twitter thing but if there’s a way I can convert that to money, that would be something. Gbenga Olorunpomi, how much does one twitter follower exchange for a dollar these days?

So why did I publish the audio?

I had recorded the audio six days before posting it on Twitter. To be sincere, I didn’t think much of it until Saturday morning (I’d explain later). I was intently watching the way the collapsed building was being played out in the media after the rather disappointing way Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola, dodged reporters through a back door after his private meeting with TB Joshua on September 14. I observed that Nigerian media were being too gentle on TB Joshua despite the glaring irregularities surrounding the collapse. I read more reports about the “hovering craft” and how Boko Haram could’ve sabotaged the building and other poppycock the televangelist wanted the world to believe.

Very little was reported about the structural defects of the building. Not much was written about the fact that the building originally had 2 floors and was being illegally refurbished with 4 additional floors when it collapsed. We didn’t come hard on the Synagogue Church goons who attacked first responders. We didn’t highlight the fact that many of those that perished could have been saved if NEMA officials weren’t barred from the site for almost three days! We didn’t make an issue of the fact that our colleagues who had gone to report the collapsed building were molested on Saturday.

So when I woke up last Saturday morning and saw the picture of Jonathan shaking hands with a grinning TB Joshua with headlines like “Jonathan consoles TB Joshua,” I said damn it! I couldn’t stomach this blatant impunity.

TB Joshua is perhaps the most powerful preacher in Africa and politicians all over the continent fawn at him. But as watchdogs, journalists must hold entrenched powers to account. If Nigerian politicians didn’t realise that more than 90 lives had just perished underneath a building without requisite permit and that those responsible should be held accountable, then the responsibility falls on journalists to force them to do the right thing.

Journalists shouldn’t be seen or heard telling the prime suspect they would write “just like you said” after he offered to buy their consciences with N50,000.

Some of the reporters who collected the N50,000 have called me after the audio went viral to complain. They told me they have been getting calls from colleagues and family members who recognised their voices in the recording. One even accused me of a breach of trust. I told him I didn’t sign a pact of silence with anybody. For me the decision was between covering the ethical shortcomings of my colleagues or doing that which is right to make sure those who died and their families get justice. The decision was easy.

Why didn’t I publish the audio the same day I recorded it? Nigerian journalists habitually ask for gratification at press conferences and corporate events that it has unfortunately become a norm. Reporters actually think you’re a fool if you turned down what they call “brown envelope”. There are several excuses to justify it: “We’re poorly paid,” “We have not been paid for months,” etc. Honestly, it’s hard to dismiss some of these excuses sometimes. Nigerian Journalists are perhaps among the worst paid in the world. This is where the Nigerian Union of Journalist should do more. Its officials should stop paying courtesy calls to politicians (of course, we know what exchanges hands during these visits) and do more to force Jet-flying owners of media organisations to pay reporters more and on time. We deserve it.

Journalists should also explore other related and legitimate means of making money like researching, writing and editing reports for NGOs, writing and editing of brochures and reports, working as fixers to foreign journalists, blogging (I recently met a Nigerian television reporter that make quite some money monthly from his blog), etc.

Like everything in Nigeria, this “brown envelope” thing has been stretched beyond the limit of ridiculousness. I’d give some examples: On August 15, 2010 a truck belonging to Dangote Sugar Refinery caused an inferno at the Ojodu Bridge outside Otedola Estate in Lagos. More that 50 lives perished in the fire. An inquest was initiated by a non-governmental organisation, Access to Justice and Human Rights lawyer, Femi Falana. Please take a deep breath before reading the next sentence. During the inquest, officials of Dangote Industries distributed cartons of Spaghetti (and some money, probably to buy ingredients) to court reporters at the Ikeja High Court to probably skew their account of the hearing. In case you missed it let me repeat. Some Nigerian Journalists collected packs of Spaghetti as bribes! Are we that hungry? Some reporters got as little as 12 packs of spaghetti. My friend, Ben Ezeamalu, was almost beaten up for speaking against it.
In fact, they erected a wall of hostility around themselves whenever he came around. According to him, a very senior journalist pulled him aside and told him it was easy for him to turn down the brown envelope because he wasn’t married and had no school fees to pay.

Ben said his curiosity was aroused while he was researching for material on the internet for an article he was writing days before the coroner’s verdict on the inquest. To his surprise, there was very little material for an inquest that involved Africa’s richest man and had lasted 19 months! After the coroner delivered his verdict, in which he indicted Dangote’s company as well as the Nigeria Police, the (short) article was tucked away in a remote corner in almost all the newspapers the next day. The fact that the coroner indicted Dangote was also carefully left out in the articles.

Other journalists have tagged Ben “a spy” for consistently refusing to collect “brown envelopes”.

Nigerian journalists no longer know where to draw the line. A father that lost his son during last Dana plane crash was forced to pay journalists during his son’s wake-keep before it was reported. There are more puke-inducing instances but I’d stop here.

For those of you saying N50,000 ($300) was too little to entice Nigerian reporters, I’ve seen reporters scuffle over N2,000 ($12) during a press conference.

During last year’s gubernatorial election in Ondo State, reporters literally came to blows at Governor Mimiko’s home after the latter released “appreciation money” for journalists who covered his polling unit. The sharing formula was N10,000 per head, until the cash ran low and the formula switched to N7,000. Cue bedlam. The governor’s PA, looking on with contempt, threatened to evict them from his employer’s residence if they failed to conduct themselves with decorum. One fellow even started arranging for another group of journalists to go meet the governor for another “appreciation money.”

Editors should also monitor their reporters too, but we all know that some editors get theirs through subtler manner (Bank transfers).  I’m a Nigerian journalist I want to change things the only way I know how to – going public with it. I’m not saying anything new here, everybody who has one thing or the other to do with journalists knows that these things happen. Maybe I’m the first journalist to go public with it in such a manner.

Corporate organisations and individuals should also stop offering these bribes (I still insist that they are bribes and nothing else). Journalist will report your events whether they like it or not. They want to stay in business. My heart skips anytime I get a call from my editor or receive that email with a subject that reads: “Pending stories”. I know I’m required to deliver. I don’t need that “brown envelope” to turn around that copy. I know in the Punch for instance, reporters are required to fill a certain number of pages every week. They can’t sit around waiting for “money to fuel your cars” to write stories to fill those pages. The threat of losing one of the most lucrative jobs in the industry is enough “inducement”. But the truth is most pressers aren’t news worthy so PR officials feel they need to induce reporters to write about them.

And for the fundamentalist followers of TB Joshua, this isn’t about your spiritual Godfather. I would still have gone public with this if the Pope was involved. I can’t say I’m sorry that his ego was bruised. He clearly meant for the money to influence the reporting of the event. “So what are you going to write?” He had asked. That makes it a bribe. Simple. I can’t help you if you couldn’t decipher that. I’m a reporter not a brain surgeon.

This is the last I’m going to say on this issue unless something drastic happens. Let the personal attacks continue.


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  25. I heard that a prophet is been shown everything that’s coming, so how come prophet t.b. Joshua was not shown that. while he sees and prophecies many people..

  26. Almost 3years..Hmmmmm well truth be said, not good to hear that his or her beloved prophet is in such tangle. Too raw and clearly not good for his reputation but more thanks to God and the gentle man that made it known. Hardest part to make it come out. No wonder ittookdays to agree upon yourself. You did well boyserioysly you did a lot of us proud. Any news after 2014?

  27. I know it is a year late, but what an incredible journalist with incredible integrity Nicholas is! It is a shame that these things which should be illegal can take place in Nigeria, not just this case but all the insanity that takes place with no accountability. This is not how things should be. I live in the US now and he would be in jail if it were here. Buildings HAVE to meet inspection standards approved by Engineers, advanced countries have learned from past tragedies and put laws to criminally prosecute those who play on the lines. Then he had the nerve to sanction the activities of responders and journalists that would have opened made immediate investigation transparent and saved several lives! It is also very shameful and disgraceful to see spiritually blind people who call themselves believers blatantly worshiping (yes I said worshiping) this demon-possessed, prophet of Satan, TB Joshua who pretends to be a Christian and makes Pentecostal men of God and the body of Christ look bad. I still remember the days when TB Joshua would publish pictures of naked people in his magazines, every body part you can imagine that he would require them to show to demonstrate a “miracle”. Nobody talks about that now that he has become so widely accepted. Very shameful! What I find interesting is that after all these years of serving Satan, Satan did not protect allow TB Joshua from such a scandal, May God have mercy on Nigeria and bless Nicholas and others like him. May he destroy the platforms of agents of darkness and devil-worshipers like TB Joshua who masquerade as people of God, and instead elevate the real people of God. Enough said.

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  30. Shut up ur mouth! I feel like slapping u. EBOLA punish u mouth and fire………. Broda mi go look for better things…… Go search about ebola no stay here dere talk nonsense……

  31. Your report is not true. That is not bribe. You simply misinterpreted the kindness of man of God to secure cheap attention from a fool and satanic agent like.You will still come out confess who send you. Watch out.

  32. Nick, I believe if people like you are up to 10% in Nigeria, then this country will be a real heaven! People should know that the purpose of this episode is not to blackmail or taint anybody but to sanitize our society so that we will have a better environment.
    Nick, keep up the good work, the Lord of Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego will cover you and your family with His protective garment. No power fashion by the agent of destruction will be able to overcome you, in Jesus name (Amen).

  33. I totally, wholeheartedly agree with u. We need more of people like you in this country/journalism. Truth is bitter they say. Just keep it up.

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  35. Apt response Mr. Ibekwe. Let me just add- You sound like a very smart person so i am hoping that your family has been evacuated already and not just plans of evacuation being made. Your courage and sincerity is enviable and i wish i had half of it. Just remember, the God who watches the heaven and the earth is on your side and watches over you and yours.

    On a lighter note, i found some parts of your piece very funny especially the I’m a reporter not a brain surgeon” bit: Some people just cant be helped 🙂

  36. we didnt, we didnt, we would have. what did you actually do? if you are worried that a good hearted man will always offer you food please stop being hungry. if you are visiting a philantropist with little petrol in your car tank get ready for a free fuel. whats wrong with giving? you may say am not receiving no body will put that on news media. when you do your job well, behave well, NUJ will call you to the upper room.

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  38. Nicholas Ibekwe, Do not be afraid of this fake prophet called TB Joshua and his spiritual blind followers. I am with you.fear them not they are all mortas but ONE WHO IS WITH YOU IS IMMORTAL. Please, Google the name ‘DARANDU’ to see who is talking to you.

  39. Do not be afraid of this fake prophet called TB Joshua and his spiritual blind followers. I am with you.fear them not they are all mortas but ONE WHO IS WITH YOU IS IMMORTAL. Please, Google the name ‘DARANDU’ to see who is talking to you.

      • ,princevinco,you are a Spiritual blind follower of a blind and false Prophet, TB Joshua, very soon you will run away from Synagogue church of all Nations. More anger of God is coming upon him and his fake Church very soonest. Be warned!

      • princevinco,you are a Spiritual blind follower of a blind and false Prophet, TB Joshua, very soon you will run away from Synagogue church of all Nations. More anger of God is coming upon him and his fake Church soonest. Be warned!

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  41. What the young journalist did remains the right thing no matter how much u tends to take it personal and we Nigerians have made our conclusion already. What a shame! Even pronounced men of God can av such criminal mind. Chooooooo!

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  43. Dear Nicholas,
    A lot has been said from both sides of the aisle, with respect to your expose so I would not want to dwell on it. Nevertheless, I think it is important you know that you are a noble man and irrespective of what anyone thinks, I am proud of you and hope I have the opportunity to meet and possibly work with you someday.

  44. You put out the audio because you probably didn’t get the ‘brown envelope’ or the content of your ‘brown envelope’ was not up to 50k. LMAO. You are just a cheap journalist looking for cheap publicity or trying to come to limelight. That explains why I have never read any meaningful article from you anywhere before now. Wake up and stop spreading lies in the name of journalism

  45. If the reporter Nicholas Ibekwe is a good man with good intentions why didn’t he open up immediately in front of TB Joshua and tell him that handing out the brown envelop is not right and record his voice into the audio proof. His so called good investigative reporting is completely useless when he rushed and started reporting his perceived conspiracy of the prophet too early before investigation to the reason why the building collapsed can be completed. Who makes a report when investigation has not been concluded.

    Another thing i want you all to know is that Prof. T B Joshua is still just a man like we all, that experience fear and other human behaviors even if he is a man of God. Faith is something that no human being completely understand including great men of God. Just like Apostle Paul who was so filled with the power of God but still, Satan gave him a “thorn in the flesh” of which he repeatedly ask God to remove but God said my grace is sufficient for you. So being faced with a big issue like this tragedy where lots of people lost their life in his church premises just like that, a momentarily fear will take over him and in his struggle to understand why these tragedy happened and what to do about it, he will make mistake trying to sort out things knowing he would be accused speedily and want to be held responsible directly in an international scale for the incident. I think this is the reason he had to give the reporters N 50,000 because most reporters has reported wrong things about the prophet in the past and at the end the truth comes out and prove him innocent. That is why he didn’t care about making sure that the reporters had no recording device on them during the meeting.

    Question: Which innocent man on earth wont be moved to fear if faced with this kind of a big issue of numerous lost of lives?

    Let me be clear, am not justifying the prophet’s actions of handing out brown envelops to reporters just after the lost of so many lives in the SCOAN Sept 12 tragedy, but am only trying to explain that most people would have done worst if faced with the same situation all of a sudden. Put yourself in his shoes before you condemn.

    At times, journalist report wrong stories purposefully because a rich man they met to interview didn’t give them anything out of hate but in this case something was given and its called “bribe” just because the situation looked right if examined suspiciously. No matter what is said in the audio recording, the main thing the prophet wanted was for the reporters to focus on the the good side of the story of the lives saved and not result to accusing him on the lives lost since its an international issue because of the different nationalities involved in the tragedy. He didn’t say lie that no one died as a reason for giving the N 50,000 but i perceived he intended for the issue to be handled with maturity knowing whats is at stake.

    Nicholas Ibekwe didn’t handle the issue with maturity, he acted like “a little boy going to report his elder brother to their parents for stealing meat from the pot when he himself ate a little from the meat”. the meaning of the little illustration is that the name Nigeria is more important than anyone or any issue. A big question for Mr Ibekwe is, “What is your gain or purpose of going public with the recording of your perceived conspiracy in the tragedy, opposed to the name of the country which has suffered a lot of insults in recent years and also the great importance of the SCOAN and TB Joshua to the country Nigeria?”

    Didn’t Mr Ibekwe give real thought to his action and the possible adverse effect that can bring on the country’s image? The greater number of visitors to Nigeria that dare to even come, get their courage because they believe they are coming to the SCOAN to meet the Prophet. Without the SCOAN and TB Joshau, the country’s economy will go down. People from all over the world take bold steps to come to Nigerian because of Prophet TB Joshua. And there is nothing else in Nigeria that brings a lot of international visitors into the country in large scale except the Prophet.

    Mr Ibekwe, am surprised you didn’t do and investigation to know the adverse effect of your reporting to the the country before going public with your story. Does that make you relentlessly hyperactive as you believe you are? What have you done or established that has help your country Nigeria?? You think if its America or any other country that has someone like TB Joshua or the SCOAN holding the country’s only good image, they will handle this issue recklessly?? I know what you understood from the Prophet’s actions with the N 50,000 to the reporters is right but you should have boldly spoke to him immediately if you really care about the lost of lives and the man going through hard times. He would have listened to you and probably explained to you why he acted that way but you chose to be reckless. These just showed that you care about no one but just yourself because this story brought public recognition to you. Probably you want international recognition and connections than contributing to repairing of the country name an image as the Prophet has successfully done for years.

    There are things you have to protect at all cost, not by lying but by focusing in the good side of things. You said your reason for going public is because the state government was soft on the prophet. You are wrong, they are not soft on him but they only reserved their comment until investigations are completed. They are intelligent and matured because they know without TB Joshua or SCOAN, Nigeria as a whole will be affected. They have the power to take action and are careful not to rush to conclusions so early and make mistakes in the situation. What do you care about, Mr Ibekwe, do you know anything about the economy of the country or are you just one of the people that will deny your brother just because you want to go and live in another man’s country instead of building up your own country and bringing respect to Nigeria.

    I am only concerned about the level of maturity of your report Mr Nicholas Ibekwe and not denying that the incident is a big tragedy and that action should be done to bring the people responsible for the collapse to justice. But allow the government finish their investigations and be wise while reporting. You are a Nigerian and if the country’s name is destroyed, you also will be affected no matter where you go in the world.

    • You are obviously a bribe taker julius onyiri or a joshua follower. People died and u are talking about fame and connections. You better pray that any member of your family does not die due to other peoples greed and negligence. Its people like you that see the truth staring you in the face and you look for it in your ass.

      • You re just as crazy as you should be. And a big fool for that matter. Why are you anonymous! Read my post well before you reply to me. Handling a tragic issue with maturity doesn’t mean i supported bribery. Go to school you fool, i also want people that caused the lost of lives and tragedy for the Man of God to be brought to Just. Mr Nickolas just used a tragic issue to gain fame. Whats his contribution or yours (You fool). How does painting the Man of God black on top of a huge tragedy help the situation?? The story is there and no one is trying to cover anyting but handle it with maturity not recklessness. Big fool!!

    • Well Mr julius or wateva u call urself, am writin to u base on de fact dat u urself is also blinded by ignorance.I’m not sayin dat Mr ibekwe did de right tin by goin viral but in wateva situation u find urself, if u call urself a true child of God u can neva, more emphasis ‘NEVA’ giv anyfin to any1 in de name of coverin an issue God is neva an author of confusion.so many things has happened to other men of God which we all read in the news evry now nd then but yet it went down de drain, cos evry1 must be faced wif challenges but u ought to be careful with the way u handle it that moment as its result can be grevious…thank you God bless NIGERIA.

      • Hugo or whatever you call yourself. How dare you say am blinded by ignorance? If you are sane you will read my comment with a right mind knowing that i know and support Mr Ibekwe based on the fact that he understood the brown envelop as bribe and saw how can affect the judgment of the reporters. The area am totally against is the way he handled the issue. The truth is there and is not being covered. You probably don’t know the Man of God personally that’s why you will straight away judge. You all judging the Prophet are cheap hypocrites because you act as if you wont at least support him if it was your own pastor going through this hard times. Its easy for someone to judge when they don’t know somebody. Am not saying that i support what the prophet did to tackle the situation. I wished he never had done that, but sudden fear can make anyone do anything. We all are but imperfect human beings. All am saying is cut the prophet a slack, give him a break. This should be an internal issue to be resolved with maturity not taking advantage of a man’s problems to ruin him. If it was your pastor you wouldn’t be talking like this. Hypocrites!!!

    • You comment is amazing. Amazingly ridiculous! ……of all the funny things in your comments, the most ridiculous is ‘ Without the SCOAN
      and TB Joshau, the country’s
      economy will go down’ What in the world made you utter such?
      You don’t need to be concerned about Mr Nicholas’ level of maturity. We know where he stands–standing tall. Your attempt to put him down for the proper thing he did has failed successfully. The so-called international community know what is going on here. Your attempt to even hide it is……..

      • Another ridiculous Hypocrite. Yes my comments might look to you as amazingly ridicules but you are speaking to me not knowing the facts and reason why i made my comments. Go do your homework about first before you come and speak to me. Go to the airlines and check the statistics of the number of visitors coming into the Nigeria and where they are headed to. Millions of people from all over the world come into Nigeria per year just so that the can go to the SCOAN compared to any other place in Nigeria. Probably you have never been outside the country in you life to know that the name of Nigerian has been totally ruined in the international community. As an international business man, i know that if it will take just 10% trust to convince a business client outside the country to do business with you on a normal bases, being a Nigerian now you will have to convince a client with a 150% trust and that is not even enough. I tell you its frustrating. So with all my personal experience outside, am speaking on this SCOAN Sept 12th tragedy and the actions of MR Ibekwe with a bigger view. Its not that am unsympathetic of the people that lost their lives nor am i in support of the Prophets actions giving money to the reporters. Am saying, apply deserter control and management with maturity because its not about the Prophet or Mr Ibekwe, its about the entire Nigeria. And coming up with a perceived conspiracy theory doesn’t help anyone but only cause more damages. You Hypocrites are speaking out of hate and not reason. I support Mr Ibekwe but not blindly, Every good action has a repercussion when handled with recklessness. Mr Ibekwe’s action is a single-minded up to the point or recklessness. I feel bad for the people that lost their lives and their families, its already a big enough tragedy for 115 to lose their life just like that and the people involved will definitely be brought to justice as far as God is alive. That’s my heart’s expression you Hypocrites!!!

    • See ritualist talking! You are a fool for even writing this! Jezzz can you imagine your coming up with such trash. His voice for what? SCOAN means much for Nigeria, my ass. How does TB or His church benefit the man in maidugiri or calabar. Nigeria is larger than all as you said so TB is larger than Nigeria? This exposure is in line please, for the spiritual well being of all Nigerians and also to help us understand what is happening! If it were one baba Olakankpo what would the lagos state have done? Size his CofO without investigation now TB is involved and you all cry sacred cow what of black sheep!? Religious bigots,Boko boys are better than you all! Ritualist!
      Hehehehehe sabotage and airplane stories. Who got that video and the collaspe? Why is the nigerian airports still standing when more than 1000 planes fly over it per day. Even the buildings near the airport. Boko haram indeed with plane? Make shakau get you! Boko boys have a single plane and they wouldn’t have conquared the north long ago? What a dumb argument from a god of man(cos he aint no man of God)Why have those skyscrappers in sanfrancisco or herthrow not crumbling if you can remember the amount of flights they receive daily. Why bully jurnalist and FEMA workers for days. Or is that his ritual cleansing to increase his power? Good he did not use nigerians. Lol
      Dumb Fool,economist I can see. Does those people coming to that church help in job creation or are they tourist? Are they investors or just miracle seekers like you and I? How do they prosper the nation? Visa fee you may point out! Oga those only enrich the TB’s pocket. Buying oil and water when you all condem Catholics for using Sacranentals. I knew that someday God will put a little hole in the pocket of thes liers and we will see them for who they are. Oyaks now is on adultry and scam investigations in UK. The other one fill plane with money de go SA,TB is now building ontop an old house plus all the lies to the families of the dead victims. Yeye goodluck de there de smile his ass off. Guy the Young Man has done his worth and it is left for us to come out and support him Nigeria and Nigerians deserve the best at all times and in all places. That is what civilised folks do. Look at a non-entity like you trying to defend a fetish man in the name of being your spiritual father calling to terms all points which proves that you are a fool. Tell me how many Nigerian hands is in the employ of SCOAN or your mentor? He scams you people with none veriviable giberish. Man wake up and just stop making more mess of these, the world is watching us.

    • Still me. On the beat! It is otantu again……Julius Ori Nri,call whatever name you care to call,say whatever you want to say,you will continue recanting untill you say you agree with Us that your TB did wrong and is a bad man. Don’t hide on the quotaion touch not my anoited and do my prophet no harm. Or do not judge so that thou will not be judged. I will judge so that I will be judged, so did Nicholas opted for likewise you who is judging Nicholas. Now, What confussion could make a world wide known god of man(he is no man of God I maintain) refuse emergency workers to rescue dying people,come up with fake stories and offer bribe. A bloddy lying bribe offering man. He was arrogant and that made him to offer the brown envelope (I will be angry with dede Nico if he did not get his share and still expose the fool). Such stories of helicopter/planes are to be told to day care babies. Tell that to nursery one kid and you will hear “pastor you can lie o!”
      You are no business man my guy. Hahahahha or do u deal in the anointing oil? Fake oil/holy water, the one my uncle’s family used and got nothing but the death of my cousin’s wife? If indeed you deal on internatioal trade you will know that it does not take any thing but money in The clients account to get your goods/order to you. I know importers and I dine with plenty of them on daily basis.
      How matured should this be handled? His giving bribe is maturity? Hiding the truth in the name of fame and fortune is being Nigerian? Gush you claim educated yet you blarb like an agbero. Guy u de under the bridge very far away fron the walls of 6-3-3-4 if you get what I mean. A preacher giving bribe? And you still want to defend Him donky beta pass you. To still support the way TB handled this issue. So how would You have had Nicolas handle the issue by not comming out in the air with the truth on the bribery? That is maturity right? Ddamme you man.
      Still on the number of people that comes to nigeria to the SCOAN,how do they affect me or the economy of the polity international bis man. I told you you aint no bizman or you will know that the collections,holy oil or water plus the other sacramentals money goes to tb not to lagos state or the federation they are tax free. TB is not helping the nation but rather he is projecting us as nonchalants and christain magicians. Has his anointing water stopped the spread of ebola in liberia? Wake up from your fanatical blind followership. What is he teaching you all his followers? That people should die once your rep(ego) is never harmed. The reason Why you are taking it out on “Nico my man” is that he exposed TB as beign fake and vain as the word fake.
      Julious open your eye make u for no de water soap enter your Eyes! Why are all the airports and buildings around them not collasping since over 100 airplane fly over them daily, 24/7, 365 days a year. Just 9 times a plane flew over That building, it came crumbling. What does it say to you? Fake building,substandard,use of wrong materials etc. So stop saying boko dis boko dat. My grand mother is a better story teller I bet. Her stories is with animals. No know terror group has a single plane to their name not even hamas that rules a nation in Gaza, nor Osman boys,nor ISIL/ISIS. Not even hisbala in lebanon,nor taliban. So why TB and People like you should bruch up the terrorist aspect of your tell. Even the plane in question is a military plane,so the federal government has a hand in this or what? Nigerian millitary for long has not developed a weapon so you won’t tell me thet tested a covert waepon on your compound THEM DE MAD? God no be small boy o! Or is there some thing else to this. I suspect ritual killing. Renewal of powers. Bless God Nigerians were not used. So this is international power gathering. The family of One mrs Ndulov
      of Zimbabwe are crying foul cos the church and their pastors told them lies about their daughter who came looking for miracle for her sick daughter now her two kids are orphans. Thanks to greedy negligent TB/SCOAN.
      You Are angry Nico is getting fame? TB for be matured from the onset my guy. Bros if scam no de pay you again,come make I teach you how to trade in main market (international bizman my foot). What eva oga Nico like let him use make or get fame. Fame na fame. TB de use magic get fame. Flavour de use song get fame. Gravity even use timaya get fame omo fame na fame go find your own fame making base. If I need fame I will use TA Orji of Abia state to make my own fame chekina

      • Wow! i feel bad that i took my time to read all the words in your comments but you didn’t read mine well and open your stupid smelling brain to spill out nonsense thoughts from you dumb head, Otantu Ishiagboncha or whatever rubbish you call yourself, hiding behind a fake name. Once again, just as a fool and hypocrite you are calling me names and coming to conclusion of what you are not sure of. You just proof how stupid and empty brained you are. This is the same way you are judging the Man of God and coming to conclusions without discernment. You have also called me names that might as well describe who you really are.

        As an uneducated fool that you are, you fail to know that what makes up a country’s economy is interconnected to so many human activities and government implementations. I will go directly to the areas the Nigerian economy has failed. Profits from crude oil sales which the politicians privatize as their personal income flow which never gets be evenly distributed to the masses and if it ever reaches the middle or lower class citizens, it is more or less not nothing to the average man compared to the wealth coming from that area. The says Nigeria is the biggest economy in Africa but the different between the poor and the rich is very wide. So, in actual sense, that doesn’t help the economy. That area is covered, and other areas like imports and exports boiling down to business, buying and selling. The big business owners make all the money because of their connections with the greedy politician and small business run short. Another area to boost the economy is through tourism but Nigeria has little effect from these areas. Showing how bad the economy is if compared on an international scale because there are so many untapped opportunities to boost the economy of Nigeria as well as many mismanaged areas of the economy. With all these mismanagement and chaos in the country, Nigeria is left with a bad name which is also is not good for the economy.

        Otantu Ishiagboncha, you big idiot, answer this question, why would you prefer a product branded “Made in America” and reject a product branded “Mad in Nigeria” ? All these are just to explain what am talking about in the economy for you to know my points are solid.

        On the other hand of the how the SCOAN and TB Joshua affect the economy of Nigeria or the man in Maiduguri or Calabar (as you put it). Read my comment again, i said the country’s economy will go down, I didn’t say it will completely collapse. Don’t be a brainless foolish donkey and misquote me as you and other hypocrites always do to the Prophet. First, Lagos is the biggest commercial city in Nigeria that fully support national, as well as international trade, Abuja is not close though it’s the capital of Nigeria. Large scale business activities flow from Lagos to other states in the countries in the past not compared to how it is now. The upsurge in vandalism and violent crime by Boko Haram and numerous cases of kidnappings of both citizens and foreigners brought a bad name to the country on the international media in recent years. Consequently, this has affected the number of people coming into the country as well as the number of business willing to venture into business with Nigerians out for fear and concern of the unstable security in the country. Business transaction is a chain of activities and interactions and if the top stage is affected it will reach the bottom stage. That being said, SCOAN and TB Joshua having an international recognition that tends to clear some of these fear and encourage a worldwide human interaction by a great show of God’s power and anointing (believe it or not, it’s your own cup of tea) being that the church is unique, not having so many branches around the world but still manages to bring the world to it by God’s grace. With the fears being handled and encouragement of human interaction, this is a long run also promotes business relationship among people who meet at the SCOAN. In the same vein, business flourishes when the big and small business owners around Lagos go about their trade, open to a big market from the influx of people coming from all over the world. Its very unfortunate that our government didn’t implement a good and stable taxation system, if not you would have seen the effect of what am talking about.

        For the Maiduagiri or Calabar man, the SCOAN serves them from the above promotion as well as a global scale job creation initiative by pioneered by Prophet TB Joshua. Take your useless time and see proof in these videos below, as so many people from around Nigeria and around the world got paying Jobs from this.

        So now, Otantu Ishiagboncha alias terminally sick mad cow!! Count how many people confirmed that got job appointments. Did you see the lady from CALABAR? Are they all worshiping in SCOAN? This is just few that made the Emmanuel TV, there are many more. Our God is awesome and he has already defeated you agents of Satan. You will surely lose trying to bring down the prophet.

        Another thing you have to consider is that Prophet TB, Joshua is not the richest Man of God in Nigeria but he is the most cheerful giver among all so called Men of God. Cheerful giving is a habitual thing with him and there are numerous proofs of that, nationally and internationally. He always gives out what he cherishes the most. It is unfortunate that the Devil used this generosity against him in the SCOAN tragedy of September 12th. The gesture looked like a bribe if look down upon with suspicion. I wished, he had not done that because the devil is tricky and will always use every single opportunity to attack real men of God.

        You big ignorant fools calling me names have not even considered this. What is the difference between other reporters account of the tragedy compared to that of Mr. Nicholas Ibekwe, except for his assumed bribery? What exactly was the Man of God hiding which hasn’t already been reported by other reports?? The only difference i see is his personal hate towards the Man of God, exploitation of a tragic situation to make a name and recklessness in reporting. I don’t expect you all to be reasonable but go and check all the stories and examine what exact is Mr Ibekwe insinuating about the Man of God which is not already out there before his 30 minutes stolen fame??

        Now for you Otantu Ishiagboncha, crazy mosquito bone and hateful illiterate, get this. I am who i say i am and know what i say i know. Your last statement in your comment which i quote here below just proves who you really are, a common criminal!

        “What eva oga Nico like let him use make or get fame. Fame na fame. TB de use magic get fame (God forgive you). Flavour de use song get fame. Gravity even use timaya get fame omo fame na fame go find your own fame making base. If I need fame I will use TA Orji of Abia state to make my own fame chekina”

        You are the type of person that will kill his mother to get fame or exploit someones problems to get fame. To be frank and plain with you, good fame comes only from God and bad fame like you are claiming to indulge in, comes from the pit of Hell and father of lies, the Devil. You see, you have exposed yourself, fool!!! So next time you want to comment on my post, please don’t, because you are insane and your argument have no correlation to facts than mere empty babble. Go to the streets and do whatever nonsense the devil want you to do until you get tired and give your life to Christ.

        After this, i wont comment anymore. You say and decide whatever makes you happy. All i know one day, we all will stand in front God the creator and answer for our actions her on earth. Bye bye..

  46. Good Job…. i respect and appreciate your boldness. Same thing i have fought in the industry in my own little way. i am with you on this. willing to help if you need any help. Kola

  47. you are all fools to even consider the fucking TB Johsua, a common thief, worthy enough of any kind of debate or discussion. I feel sorry for those who don’t know what all these money spinners (so- called Pastors and men of God) are doing to Africa.

  48. you are all fools to even consider the fucking TB Johsua, a common thief, worthy enough of any kind of debate or discussion. I feel sorry for those who don’t know what all these money spinners (so- called Pastors and men of God) are doing to Africa.

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  50. Great effort by you, & full of good intention, i would hav done same but dis is banana naija country remember the ides of dele giwa too!

  51. I’m pleased to say you are a Numbskull… tell me what this statement insinuate? “So what are
    you going to write?” this shows he want to influence the write up to be in his favour… m a Christian n I got nothing against TB but the truth must be aired..

  52. Nicholas, God be with you. No, you are not without sin but sin has not overtaken you so much as to despise heroism…something not as important to Nigerians as money. You are a hero already, so let no man make you feel anything less. If you choose, you can investigate further but that simply has to be informed by a personal aspiration to achieve an outcome consistent with who you are. The first debt you owe, is to yourself, then to your employers.
    Little do your “colleagues” know that the short term returns of brown envelopes fall way too short in value against their mortgaged souls and long term economic outlook. For which future media house will seek out bribe-stoned junkies?! The question of betrayal of “esprit de corps” only expresses the overtaking of civilized culture by a morally jaundiced sub-culture in Nigeria. The man who upholds righteousness is the betrayer? The student who refuses to tell her classmate the answer to a question is a betrayer? The lecturer who refuses to add 2 marks to enable a student who scored 38% pass is a betrayer and a wicked lecturer. A government official who insists that his niece must do the requisite tests to get employed is a betrayer. So here we are worrying that something that something might happen to Nicholas Ibekwe while the man who is ultimately responsible for the loss of over 90 lives gets a “consolation” visit from the President? Fuck. What happens to the families of the victims? What do they get? Journalists who collect on their conscience and so easily attach their names to “blood money”?
    Nicholas. God be with you

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  55. I want to say “Thank You” for the courage to say it as it is… God bless you and give you more grace and wisdom to do right by the profession, humanity and God.
    The “BE” syndrome has crippled many a professional who’s sought to be true. The Elders of this our profession will do better by mentoring and helping to keep the ethical boundary lines vivid and constant clear for all to see.

  56. You are just a cheap journalists looking for cheap publicity, monkey how is dat a bribe listened to the audio and that was normal petrol moni, he didn’t bribe any1. Camel u collected d 50k and now claiming the hero. Anuofia

  57. Don’t ever say what u are not sure of brother nicholas am say sorry to say these to u, u are a disgrace to xtain race let me ask u these are jealous Him if no why are trying to say here pls explain ur selp more better well I understand u want to make ur self more famous. But y are u casting tthese man of God who is try to man kind like u with prayer. Well I kw u plain fwant to be a famous pls (am sorry to also tell u these pls u have sin against xtain race and also To God pls ask GOD forgivness advance no be cause

    • Forgiveness for what?Exposing the truth is nw a sin?
      better u dont say anything cos its like u the one who needs to beg for forgiveness

      • Which truth is there, ve u listened to the audio he claimed they were bribed? Seriously wen pep are hateful they always look for a way to drag others down, and remb only those down can try to drag pep down.

      • Mr Truth, am surprise you are adamantly claiming that Mr Nicholas expose a truth? There was nothing being hid so what is the expose about?? The Prophet just said focus on the lives saved to manage the tragedy. What have you contributed to your country Nigeria, Mr Truth.

    • Shame on u to say this to btother Xtian. Why are you so blinded to the truth? Ask urself, will Jesus Christ condone evil? Did he ever hide the truth? So why can we not follow Jesus and not men? Nigeria need people like this!

    • I am forced to contribute to Nick observation and peoples negative opinion. Am not too surprise for some people not to see clearly but to be stupidly carried away by sentiment and relgious fanatism for them to see realty. Dont de botherd of their abuses let those who want to lost to get lost at least the so call man of god did not force them to himself. F they are caught by any fetish means let it be. There are satanic preys and a child of God cannot fall prey to satan. You have try your best and made your point, continue with your good work and may the merciful Lord protect and defend you in Jesus name AMEN.

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  59. “Can we Major on whats important?

    Take the brown envelope campaign to YOUR COLLEAGUES..the rot has been there like forever.

    Churn out stories on circumstances leading to the collapse..take your investigative skills a notch higher:

    1. Fish out the architect who designed the building.
    2.Who are the structural designers for the project?
    3.Which Coy handled the construction of the building?
    4. Who approved the extra 4floors of the building?
    5.Did the architect,construction coy adhere to the master plan or Land use pattern for Ikotun?

    These are the issues you should be working on as we speak..who knows the facts you dig out could earn you a pulitzer award and lead to the indictment of all guilty parties.

    As for the “brown envelope” tweets ..I was hardly impressed..basically the way of life of the typical naija journalist since 1852 *rolls eyes*…your stance on the “brown envelopes” ..should have been obvious on your twitter line way before the SCOAN Saga!

    So Nicholas impress me..there’s work to be done..go dig up that dirt..show the stuff you are made of ..If you choose not to your 15min minutes of fame on twitter would be an absolute waste!”

    This post by one Aku has a substance.Those questions need answers as quickly as possible.I like your further explanation on why it took you some days to upload the audio.I was disappointed that no attention was given to possible structural defects of the collapsed building either by TB JOSHUA or mainstream media. As an investigative journalist you are,what are your findings on the collapsed building. What did you report on your news medium apart from the uploaded audio of TB JOSHUA?
    I admire your stance on ‘brown envelope” but you would have collaborated that with interesting and unreported facts about the collapsed building. I am interested in reading eye witness account of the state of the beams,pillars and materials of the collapsed building.We need to know the deep reason why TB JOSHUA decided to offer “bribe” or “brown envelope” to the journalist. As it is now,You may not be privileged to go about proper investigation into this missing pieces simply because you were too fast to upload a material that would have been very important after your thorough research/investigation.What we are getting from you now is a complete diversion from what we ought to have from you. What are the possible causes of the building collapse according to your investigation?

    • Thank you Geff. I was really expecting a thorough report of what happened to that building. But NO, he had other things in mind. He went there to get something ‘dirty’ to report. He uploaded an audio and forgot to do his job. That was the most selfish and unprofessional thing to do. But you see, since it involves a Man of God, most would not care to think. How many buildings have collapsed in Lagos before this one? Why is this one so important?

      Why did the building collapse? Who are the architects/engineers/project handlers? What kind of materials were used? Were there unprofessional practices that led to the collapse?

      Why pay so much attention on the Prophet as though he was the project manager? Or is this another way to criticize Men of God?

      Give us some professional journalism!

      • whoever gives a building to be built has to make sure it is safe for habiting. more so wen its an alteration to an already existing building …. it doesnt matter who the project manager is the final decision comes from who owns the building. who do we praise for cannan land. at ota… isn’t it oyedepo. I’m just tired of how we turn up our faces wen religion comes into play

      • @Kachi you definitely got my point. I am not in support of TB Joshua or the church regarding the collapse building. I disagreed with his conspiracy theory of accusing strange aircraft cum BOKO HARAM. I was curious to see more investigative pieces challenging this theory with profound evidences from the scene of collapse and other areas related to the construction,engineers,architects etc. I did not see such. Investigative journalists go beyond press conferences.One single audio recording is not enough evidence to nail TB JOSHUA. People are just excited over nothing. Nicolas did not do what he was supposed to do as an investigative journalist. I am not talking from a layman point of view. He just wasted one of his precious material in haste.It may be as a result of inexperience or quest for fame.

  60. Dear Nic,

    Am proud of you. Shows you have a conscience and the blood of those that died is not on you..
    Unfortunately brown evenlope syndrome has eaten deep into the lives of journalist and its from the top to the bottom . I Remember in 1998 as a young intern fresh frm school of journalism I went on an assignment and 2000 was share I refused it so
    I got the insult of my life.
    Nic hold your head high, some of us are proud of you.

  61. Hi Nick,
    Have you taken a bribe in your life time of Journalism.?
    Do you have a moral justification?
    Is it because you think you will stand out when its comes to publishing what is related to TB Joshua?
    Are you an unsinned saint who have not taken bribe to cover up an official?

    Stop bashing on your colleagues as if you have not done them before.
    You have no moral justification to this accusations yourself.

    • Father Abraham or woteva u call urself, people like you should be handed over to isis. No body is sinless agreed but we cant always use that excuse to continue sin.

    • Hello Solomon,

      You think everyone has lost their moral fibre? Nicholas is my former colleague of whom I am proudly associated. Before I left journalism, I never collected a bribe either. We have colleagues who never did. He is pointing out especially to the fact that the ‘weightier matters’ have been swept under the carpet. Truth is, this culture has to stop! People cannot hide under the excuse of poor pay to mislead people the public who hold them in trust. Do you realise that newspapers are read more than the holy books? Christians, muslims, etc wake up everyday to read reports and we owe them facts, balance, objectivity and newsworthy items which make society better. We are not here to raise anyone’s ego or make them happy.

      I have since left journalism. Yes, I had bills to pay but I could not condescend to the level of brown, white, blue or red envelop. It is pure rubbish!

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  64. Thank you for this extensive work. My condolense goes the families that were affected. Its such a pity the level of compromise that exists in our churches today. Every church will want to boast of completing an audaciuos project before time barring the construction lead time required for materials eg Concrete to set. This is just an exposure of many more disasters waiting to Happen. Nicholas you are a hero and God will protect you. I do not like speaking about so called men of God but all I have to say is…..Let justice prevail. Nigerians, please be more vigilant, do not be deceieved, the God I know is not partial and will never take a life just like dat, talk less of over a hundred

  65. may God almighty bless you for this. you are the kind of nigerian that nigeria needs. i am a civil engineer, the moment i saw the video of that collapse, it was evident that the building failed due to an excessive vertical load. i laughed at the conspiracy theory of a bomb blast. there is no way a bomb can cause such instant collapse in the entire building. blast loading only causes progressive collapse which is due to the failure of a few primary structural members and transfer of stresses to other members. well it was a sad thing to watch lives perish by what could have been easily avoided by the least conformant to standards. TB Joshua and the engrs should be held accountable for those lives, they should be charged for manslaughter.

  66. I encourage this reporter (Mr Nicholas) to give more light to investigative reporting in Nigeria, it has long been kept under but that is being truthful with facts and long endured evidence gathered. Nothing will happen to you bro but just be cautious and agile at all times, religious bigots and followers of Mr TB will try by all means to prove how committed they are to man instead of the Christ that has given power to mortals and has endeared all followers of his ministry to always live and die by the truth. God bless you bro !!

  67. My brother and coleague in this buziness of writing, I thank you a lot for your thoughts and your kind heart in sharing this with us. I am so happy and proud of you. You don’t have any slighest idea of how much happiness and joy you brought to my heart and the gravity of the good you have just done to humanity and the generations to come. Oh my God…I am speechless!. I commend your courage and resolves, and I urge you to never stray from the path of giving light and hope for all humanity no matter what. I pray God Almighty will continue to be your guide and strenght, Amen! I am better informed on this particular issue and I promise I shall do my part to spread this as I also owe my fellow country men and women, and the world over a necessary duty to rightly keep them informed of the true day to day position of what is happening around them, and not to deceive or mislead them. Thank you for sharing once again. God bless you!!!

  68. I keep saying that Nigeria will keep getting worse until the last corrupt politician is strangled to death with the intestine of the last “man of God”. Kudos to you Ibekwe! The eyes of Nigerians will be open one day.

  69. This man Mr. Nicholas should be given police protection immediately. My brother God is your strength. Please you have to be careful because many people are not be happy with you. Especially the people you exposed, your fellow journalists, the so called man of God and his congregation. God forbid but if anything happen to you,evil people will turn around to tag it the reward for exposing the so called man of God. nice piece of journalism.

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  71. If anything should happen to Mr. Nicholas, we know who to go look for, Mr. TB Joshua and his delusional followers!!!! TB Joshua you are a fraud, a 419! You will rot in hell fire!!!

  72. nicholas…

    Can we Major on whats important?

    Take the brown envelope campaign to YOUR COLLEAGUES..the rot has been there like forever.

    Churn out stories on circumstances leading to the collapse..take your investigative skills a notch higher:

    1. Fish out the architect who designed the building.
    2.Who are the structural designers for the project?
    3.Which Coy handled the construction of the building?
    4. Who approved the extra 4floors of the building?
    5.Did the architect,construction coy adhere to the master plan or Land use pattern for Ikotun?

    These are the issues you should be working on as we speak..who knows the facts you dig out could earn you a pulitzer award and lead to the indictment of all guilty parties.

    As for the “brown envelope” tweets ..I was hardly impressed..basically the way of life of the typical naija journalist since 1852 *rolls eyes*…your stance on the “brown envelopes” ..should have been obvious on your twitter line way before the SCOAN Saga!

    So Nicholas impress me..there’s work to be done..go dig up that dirt..show the stuff you are made of ..If you choose not to your 15min minutes of fame on twitter would be an absolute waste!

    And ermmmm…make I no find my comment o!

  73. Dear Sir, Thank you for your very insightful article on this matter. Unfortunately, the lines are so blurred, everyone makes excuses for being dishonest: journalists and clergy alike. It is saddening that rather than apologise to the families of those whose lives were lost, the so-called pastor TBJ makes stupid claims about their being martyrs. I hope he gets arrested for mass murder if he ever steps foot on South African soil since your Nigerian president is being shamelessly cozy in a matter as serious as the loss of so many Nigerian and foreign lives. Keep writing, and remain safe.

  74. Well done my brother u are breath of fresh air, continue to be true but be very very careful n make sure u report n expose n threat to ur life Oluwa has got ur back

  75. Mr Bure or whatever your name is, I usually don’t make comments on things like this but I’m amazed at your level of reasoning! Wow! Even my 13 year old niece would reason better. You said he assisted the journalists with money to fuel their car? Really? 50k each to fuel their car? It is people like you who can’t call a spade a spade that has turned the society into what it is. I’m sure if the collapsed building belonged to one politician or any other Nigerian, you would be one of those carrying placards that he has killed innocent souls, and then you wouldn’t call the 50k assistance for fuel. Go get a life Mr.

    • Mr Anonymous: read in between the lines and go get a life yourself. He obviously is condemning the whole charade. The 50k for fuel is tongue in cheek!!!!

  76. @Nicholas, I dont really know what your motive is but all I can tell you is kudos and more greas to your elbow. I loved the part where you said if it was the Pope you will still come out with the story…. I used to love TB Joshua even though am a Catholic. Even when I listened to the Audio and I knew it was a bribe (though not implicitly stated in the audio); I still decided to “deceive” myself and convince myself that its not a bribe but one of his generous gimmicks…. But what really troubled me in the audio was the way people were laughing in the audio… The MOG included. I was so suprised. Were peoples lives that trivial that he had to be laughing at that moment in time? I leave judgement to the boss in the sky!

    Finally, I will like you to leave this country and operate from abroad. Nigeria is a cursed and accursed nation. They will do everything to pull you down right now. Please stay safe. My God will protect you. In sane countries, TB Joshua should be under serious investigation right now. I wonder the type of God that will always show him when a plane will crash or who will win the nations cup but will never tell him that his guest house will crash and kill so many souls due to sheer carelessness…. I am a Christian… But I operate with the light of reason.

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  78. Remarkable work, Nick. Proud of what you’re doing for your industry and your country. While I understand that the work is challenging and poorly rewarded, what Nigerian journalists as a whole have done to the institution of journalism is a sickening travesty. They and the people that feed this unethical behavior should continue to be exposed. Stay safe, bro!

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  82. I really never comment on most news I read, but I think your courage is worth commending. I hope you continue on this path and never be deterred by narrow minded Nigerians we have who think some people are above mistakes

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  84. Well done Nick! I would have done the same thing. I would have done it for the wrong reasons perhaps but I would have done it! Screw the retarded dumbed down Nigerians who cannot call a spade a spade. (btw, thanks for giving me material for my breakfast show *wide grin*) I discussed this on air and the response was heart breaking. We need massive re orientation in this country.

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  86. Truth is Truth. Someone has to say it. Fear not Nick, nobody has say over your life. God Almighty has the final say. If there is not more than eye could see in that so called church, why didn’t the prophet that predicts the future not see the colapse of the building that took many lives. God would judge everyone according to his deeds on earth.

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  88. There are very few events that happen in Nigeria that give me a glimmer of hope. You have become one of those. Thank you so much. Your story will be told when this all ends.

  89. The Word of God tells us in 1 Chr 16:22 “Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm.” God clearly warns everyone to avoid harming His prophets. This Nicholas, in accusing Prophet TB Joshua of bribery, when all he did was assist the reporters with money for fuel (and we all know how poorly paid journalists are in this country) is defaming and therefore harming a prophet of God. I am sure this Nicholas thinks he is a wise man, and he thinks he has done something great with this attempt to slander and impugn the good name and honour of a widely-respected man of God, but we are all aware that the wisdom of men is foolishness before God (1 Cor 3:19). He trumpets his righteousness in releasing this slanderous audio recording, which he made in secret, but again, he should be reminded that the righteousness of men is as filthy rags before God (Isaiah 64:6). However, the Scripture also tells us that the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church (Matthew 16:18) Nicholas, I do not know who you are, but as the Prophet tells us our enemies shall die by fire, I will advise you to heed the warnings in the Scriptures and recant this baseless accusations before your “wisdom” and “righteousness” lead you to ruin and you perish in the lake of eternal fire. Thank you. 🙂

      • Exactly, its heartbreaking when people twist scriptures, people should read 1 Chr 16:22 properly and stop using it as an excuse to look the other way when men of God err, When Peter behaved badly in Gal 2:11-14, Paul reprimanded him PUBLICLY!

    • The bible also says do not judge any man. What Nicholas did was biblical, say the truth and the truth shall set you free. I like TB Joshua for his benevolence, but the bible also says, in the last days…. many shall come in my name. It is appalling for any man of God to influence stories written about him by offering money for fuel. Who would fill a car with N50k, abi Na armoured tank? Let God be the final judge. Leave the young man alone.

    • Please mr pastor or blind follower as you might prefer to be addressed, save your stories and bible quoting for the hamattan winds. The same bible says the kingdom suffereth violence and the violent taketh it by force. If you cannot face the truth please keep your opinions to yourself and don’t think everybody is as dumb as you sound. It is people like you who go to church to worship the pastor and not God. Msheew.

    • Bia, Mr. Bure, please take this your story for amadioha and put it in your pocket. I don’t know the God you serve, but the one I know does not for the ego of your beloved man of God despise the truth. It is Christians like you, who see the truth and call it lies, that Chase truth seekers away from Christianity. He gave them money for fuel? You really want me to believe that he did not realize he was compromising them? Then he is dumber than I thought. He gave them money, then started dictating what they should write. “Don’t mention the dead, only the living.” And you call him anointed? Of the devil, maybe.

      Go and read your new testament. Jesus flogged people for less.

      • Leave Mr Brue or wot did he call himself. He will continue to live in darkness until d day he is ready for the truth to give his heart light. Many people are ilk him. I am not surprised. We are all product of information.

      • chai there is god o o ooooooo all d bloods dat are shering in synagueo will answer.mr nick na only you waka go

    • Bro or sis please where was it said that we should sit on the truth because an “anointed” must not be touched. Have you borthered to understand the meaning of that ‘touch’? How has he harmed oga TB now? An annointed should avoid discrediting himself hence the name of God.

    • Dear Sir, I just want to say you are brainless I.e., it’s either you do not have brains, or it has washed and completely devoid of any logical reasoning! Otherwise, you wouldn’t have put pen to paper to write the trash which shows a discerning observer to wonder if you are not already a zombie!

    • Seriously mrbure u are one of d dumbest Nigerians it shows u are blind n one of those who worship men of God instead of God. Gosh I have said it touch not my anointed n do my prophets no harm is d most abused verse in bible n man of God have used it to deceive n confuse their member may God deliver u

    • MrBure,
      You Are Obviously a ZOMBIE,Being controlled by Your Foolish Prophet!
      There is NO were in the bible that Jesus Christ performed miracles and people dying at the same time! the bible says the only tragedy that was recorded was when apostle Paul was preaching, a boy due to sleep fell from the window top and died, BUT even at that, apostle Paul laid hands on Him and brought him back to life instantly (act:20 vs 9-12).

      The PROBLEM you are having is that you are so BUSY defending and protecting Your DEMONIC Prophet that YOU are BLINDED to the TRUTH!!


    • @MrBure How has he touched the prophet? He only shared a conversation. Let whoever listens to the audio interpret. Why are you fighting to defend what cannot be defended? Have you become so skewed in your thinking and your conscience so seared that you cannot acknowledge truth? Whatever cannot survive the light is darkness. If the conversation was innocent, honest and pure, then why fight about it getting known to the public?

  90. Wow you explained it so well. But i understood why you did it even before reading this as i saw your tweets. Stand up for the truth and don’t let those who think TB Joshua is perfect threaten you. You are doing your job and keep it up.

  91. Wow you explained it so well. But i understood why you did it even before reading this as i saw your tweets. Stand up for the truth and don’t let those who think TB Joshua is perfect threaten you. You are doing your job and keep it up.

  92. Nick,
    You have just done the toughest thing- standing out in the market place of corruption. God bless You
    No one would have passed through the places you’ve been to and still not have different opinion about how things should be.

  93. I have listen to the audio several time, some people just hide under the canopy of Don’t judge so you won’t be judge. To me the money is nothing but bribing…why will TB ask reporter what they will write, they know what to write and you don’t have to teach them there work…And for the reporter that upload the audio that is some of the challenges you face when you decide to be a good man people will call you all sorts of names they will crusify you and even threaten your life….just keep your head straight and by God grace I know nothing will happen to you…

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